How it works

You choose the music you require from the Soprarpa repertoire list. If you have any special requests you can ask the duo to perform these for you (providing the sheet music in advance).  The hourly fee is from the time your event starts and you require Soprarpa to be present on site.  The Transport charges include the harp transportation and all preparations (such as tuning) prior to the event commencing. 

To ensure that you obtain the most from your musical experience, please ensure that the performance venue has sufficient lighting for the musicians.  As the harp is not a loud instrument, it is advised that you ensure that the venue is silent so that the audience can fully enjoy their musical journey with us.













 Transport charges


A transport fee of CHF 20 is required within the Geneva central region (for harp transportation).  Outside this area charges range from CHF 25 to CHF 50 depending on the region and subject to contractual negotiation as the transport fee is reduced based on the number of hours the duo is hired.

Francesca Giarini Dalhen

Kirsty Griffiths

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How it works


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